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Born and raised in Nashville, Tennessee, Ellie Grace uplifts the classic roots of Nashville folk and bluegrass, while adding her own dream-like vocal sounds and soul rhythms. As the sole writer of all her songs, Ellie's identity as an artist is clearly one with her identity as a person. Her authentic, wrenching, and imaginative lyrics display her being without filter. Ellie's debut album Wings and new single, No Room for Me, is a collection of stories intended for the listener to feel full at heart and transformed in spirit. Her style is the communion of country storytelling, with indie/folk foundations, and a dash of contemporary R&B. This unique blend of genres gives this singer/songwriter the ability to convey the collective experiences of human beings.

The many shades of life are reflected in the many shades of sound in her music, and the result is one deep and energetic experience.


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