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Photography by Carper Photo (@carperphoto_lls)

Designed by Sydnie Carper (@sydnieeee_319)

Flowers by Tanarah Luxe Floral (@tanarahluxefloral)

Makeup by Sharline Lerant (@thesavvyspecialist)

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Enjoy this sit-down chat with Ellie Grace, where she goes over her songwriting process, passions, and the making of her new album, Wings. Plus, there is good tea and live performances. Ellie Grace's album, Wings, is available on all platforms. 

Hold Us Up, is about the pain of knowing love is not enough to "hold up" a relationship.  Inspired by Bon Iver's stacked vocals and the acoustic sounds of traditional folk, Hold Us Up is a marriage between modern dreamy sounds and down to earth instrumentals. The song was written by Ellie Grace, and the track was produced by Cheyenne Medders (@cheyennemedders). Ben Scofield, a videographer out of NYC, made a beautiful music video emulating the grief and freedom that comes with heartbreak. Hold Us Up is track 7 on Wings

Video produced and filmed by Ben Scofield (@benscofield_)

Ellie Grace tracks Mississippi Baby live with Nate Gott on acoustic guitar, and Troy Engle on upright bass. Engineered by Kyle Gott, Ellie recorded most of her debut album, Wings, in her parent's basement. On lead guitar, she plays a small but mighty 1940's Stella, fixed up by her dad. In a complicated relationship with click tracks, Ellie finds easy inspiration in sessions where she is kept on track by only her fellow musicians. She feels right at home in her home, staying true to a performance feel, and as she says, "guided by however we show up in the studio." She adds, "It's important to allow space for human error, and communication between ourselves in that moment, so that the music can reveal itself as honest as possible." Mississippi Baby is the 3rd track on Wings

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